Two IAIA Students Receive “Spirit of Sovereignty” Scholarship

Sep 20, 2017

IAIA Students Ozawa Bineshi Albert (Yuchi and Chippewa) and Jontay Kahmakoatayo (Plain Cree) received the Spirit of Sovereignty: Advancing the Fundamentals of Self-Determination scholarship this month.

“This scholarship allows me to focus on my classes. Having to look for a job and working outside of school cuts into study time and precious time with my children. Instead I am able to focus on my course work. The fact that this scholarship is the Spirit of Sovereignty is especially poignant. It feels like an honor to the work I have contributed to Indigenous communities prior to even returning to school.” Migwech (Thank you)

Ozawa Bineshi Albert (Yuchi and Chippewa) is pursuing a degree in Indigenous Liberal Studies minoring in Performing Arts and Creative Writing.

Ozawa Bineshi Albert (Yuchi and Chippewa)

“I am going to use the funds to fuel my fashion design aesthetic. I am currently working on finding new ways to express my constant need to see the process of dressmaking. I am developing my craftsmanship and exploring new conceptual ideas through that classes at IAIA, and I am always integrating fashion design elements and concepts into discussions in class to inform people that the fashion design industry is a strong ally to the art world. This scholarship will help me keep up with my studies, develop my concepts, and reduce the financial stress by giving me more time in the studio.”

Jontay Kahmakoatayo (Plain Cree) is from North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Canada majoring in Studio Arts.

Jontay Kahmakoatayo (Plain Cree)

About Spirit of Sovereignty Scholarship

The Spirit of Sovereignty Scholarship Program provides approximately $75,000 per year to students attending each of the nation’s 37 tribal colleges. Scholarships, which are granted annually, $1,000 per recipient, are targeted toward the specific needs of each individual student. The scholarship funds may be used for any educational expense including, but not limited to, tuition, books, housing, travel, and daycare.