• Alumni in 562 Federally-Recongized Tribes 91%
  • Alumni To Earn A Graduate Degree 25%



IAIA has graduated more than 3,800 students, representing more than 90% of the 562 federally-recognized tribes. More than 20% of IAIA alumni have gone on to earn a graduate degree. Many alumni enjoy successful careers in the arts right here in Santa Fe.

IAIA alumni are an important part of our extended family. Being an alumnus is to be part of an illustrious creative community. One of the best ways to tap into that community and make it stronger is to stay involved. It’s a chance to network, renew old friendships and start new ones.


The contributions of your time, talent, and treasure are of vital importance to the present and future students of IAIA. By supporting your school, you help to ensure more opportunities for students to succeed and fulfill their dream of earning a college degree.

Time (Become a Volunteer)

IAIA has many events during the year and it takes many people to make these events a success. Stay connected by volunteering your time. Want to see more alumni events? Help with alumni activities by giving your time and energy. Not in the Santa Fe area? Work with the alumni office and host a get together in your community. IAIA recruiters might be in your community. Volunteer to help out at a local college fair.

Talent (Pay it Forward)

Are you an accomplished artist? Has your writing been published? Have you specialized in a certain field, education, or media? Your knowledge could be a great asset to our students. You can contribute by doing a workshop, speaking on a panel, demonstrating a new technique, sharing your experience can be the greatest gift to our students.

Treasure (Make a Contribution)

If you are interested in giving a piece of artwork for our annual auction or a fund raising event we are happy to work with you to make this happen. Or, perhaps you have a piece of artwork from your collection, art supplies, a piece for the museum collection or even books for the library—we welcome your treasures and would be happy to discuss this with you.

IAIA Alumni Council

The IAIA Alumni Council represents the interests of IAIA alumni. The council convenes regular meetings throughout the year and determines how best to represent alumni, how to further the goals of the Institute, and how to engage alumni. Each council member serves a term of two years.

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