2016 Alumni Council Election

IAIA Graduates During the 2016 IAIA Commencement

IAIA Graduates During the 2016 IAIA Commencement

Wednesday, September 7, 2016—The results from the 2016 Alumni Council Election are in. There were 138 total ballots cast by alumni, or 7% of our 2,000 contactable alumni. 74 ballots were cast online and 64 ballots were cast via regular mail. Rose Simpson ’07, Linley Logan ’85, and Kevin Locke ’13 were the three candidates who received the most votes and are the new Alumni Councilors. They join Karl Duncan ’09, Nancy Fields ’06, Selina Farmer ’98, and George Greendeer ’86 on the 7-member Alumni Council. The Council convenes four regular meetings throughout the year. Each Councilor serves a term of two years. 
Congratulations to the new Councilors and to all the candidates who participated! Below are the results with total votes for each candidate.

About the IAIA Alumni Council

The IAIA Alumni Council was established in 2014 to represent the interests of IAIA alumni. The Council convenes four regular meetings throughout the year. Each Councilor will serve a term a two years. The Alumni Council’s mission is “to foster communication and engagement between the alumni and their alma mater, support IAIA’s goals and offer a collective alumni voice.”

Candidates (Total Votes)

  • Rose Simpson ’07 (Santa Clara Pueblo)—97 votes
  • Linley Logan ’85 (Seneca)—62 votes
  • Kevin Locke ’13 (Leech Lake Ojibwe)—47 votes
  • Kat Hansen ’76 (Kiowa)—41 votes
  • Audrey Dreaver ’08 (nehiyawak Plains Cree)—38 votes
  • Charles Rencountre ’15 (Lower Brule Sioux)—37 votes
  • Marcus Milligan ’94 (Chickasaw)—27 votes
  • Jodilynn Trujillo-Ortiz ’12 (Spanish/Central American)—24 votes
  • Johnnie Diacon ’99 (Mucogee Creek)—20 votes

Johnnie Diacon (Muscogee (Creek) of Oklahoma)

1999 AFA 2D Art


Johnnie Diacon is an enrolled member of the Mvskoke (Creek) Nation of Oklahoma, the Raprakko Etvlwv (Thlopthlocco Tribal Town), and is Ecovlke (Deer Clan). He was born in Okemah, Oklahoma to Margaret Harjochee (Creek) and Cecil Iron (Osage) on January 8, 1963. He currently resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He is married, the father of five children, and has two grandchildren. As well as studying art IAIA (AFA Class of 1999), he has also attended Bacone College (AA Class of 1990), Muskogee, Oklahoma, Northeastern State University, Tahlequah, Oklahoma, and the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, Arkansas. For a little over 30 years, his work has been exhibited in numerous shows and art markets across the country and it can be found in several private and public collections as well. The major focus of his work is his people, the Mvskokxe.

Candidate Statement

Hesci (Hello). Johnnie Diacon cvhocefkv tos (My name is Johnnie Diacon). Attending IAIA had been a dream of mine for many years. I graduated high school in 1981 and did not return to school until I was 25 when I enrolled at Bacone College. I eventually got the chance to attend IAIA in 1997 and so I moved to Santa Fe to follow my dream. The amazing talent that this school has had not only as teachers, but its alumni are incredible and was the main reason of my passion to attend. I would like to do my part in helping IAIA continue to be a major hub for Native creativity. I also look forward to working with the people that have called IAIA home in the past, to insure that future students have the opportunity to benefit from this unique creative environment that we had, and to see it continue to grow in the future. I would also like to humbly represent not only my fellow Mvskoke, but fellow Oklahoma IAIA alumni as well. I would like to see the strong continuation of Oklahoma tribal representation at IAIA. Mvto (Thank you).

Audrey Dreaver (nehiyawak (Plains Cree))

2008 BA Museum Studies, BFA Studio Arts
Fine Art and Museum Consultant


Audrey Dreaver is a painter, curator, adjunct instructor, consultant and advisor on museology, fine art, Indigenous art and art histories. She is nehiyawak (Plains Cree) from the Mistawasis Cree Nation. Audrey graduated summa cum laude from IAIA in 2008 with a BFA Studio and BA Museum Studies. She completed an MFA from U Regina in 2015. Audrey’s time is split between Fine Art and Museology researching and teaching art technique, Indigenous art history, exhibit development, care and repatriation of Indigenous material culture. She has served on several Councils/Boards including TRIBE Inc. as Chair; IAIA Board of Trustees as Student Rep; Canadian Museum for Human Rights Advisory Council; and, Kitotaminawak Council at Oskayak High School. Audrey’s consulting also includes coordinating symposiums, art-based research through community consultation, and facilitation of group discussions. She is currently Artist-in-Residence at the U Regina continuing her exploration of the impact of language loss in the public school system.

Candidate Statement

I believe students are the center of all education systems. Without students, there would be no school, staff, or Boards of Directors. Our ancestors knew the importance of a quality education which included building trusting relationships between the student and educator. Post-graduation, our experience being former students gives us the ability to critically discuss and strategize ways our school can improve itself for the benefit of current and future students. I know first-hand what a strong program with caring instructors can do – the specialized consulting work I do is because of IAIA. I also understand the need for an institution’s ongoing self/community assessment of epistemologies and pedagogies needed to maintain a safe respectful learning environment, and relevant effective degree programs. Discussing pros and cons to anything is integral to moving forward. I am confident in my ability to help build meaningful relationships between Alumni, students, and other members of the IAIA community while contributing to the ongoing dialogues shaping the future of our school. Whether meeting and/or mentoring students, instructing workshops/classes, exhibition of works, providing critical feedback through dialogue, or strategizing ways to improve our school, IAIA Alumni can make a difference. I want to help with that.

Kat Hansen (Kiowa)

1976 High School Degree


While in the post office in Anadarko, Oklahoma with her Kiowa grandmother in 1973, she was admiring the murals on the walls depicting Native Americans and discovered an IAIA brochure on the counter. Her grandmother, aware of Kat’s passion for art and her observations of Kat’s enthusiasm for native dance and beadwork, encouraged Kat to apply to IAIA. Having pursued her art education for a few years at the college level, Kat switched to computer science in order to obtain viable employment to help her family. However, the art bug has never left, and after working 30 years in the tech and pharmaceutical industry, she has retired to Santa Fe to rekindle her love of indigenous cultures and art. Currently, she is working on a series of native portraits in pastels from photos taken from the Santa Fe Indian Market, IAIA powwow, and other powwows around the country.

Candidate Statement

Being so young when I attend IAIA initially as a high school student, I didn’t realize at the time what a profound affect it would have on me as a person and a creative individual. I was exposed to so many native tribes and traditions and was also invited to travel to fellow students’ homes where on one occasion I got to see the Zuni Shalako dance as they paraded through the Pueblo. Nowhere else have I experienced such spirituality and reverence for tradition. Through the years I have longed to recapture that connectivity to native tradition.

My hope is to give back to the IAIA Community through serving on the Alumni Council and to help keep the alumni informed and in touch with current IAIA activities and events. Also, to bring forth alumni feedback and ideas to help strengthen the broader IAIA community. I’m excited about how IAIA has evolved and progressed as an institution and would feel honored to be a part of the link to unite the alumni with the current IAIA family. I look forward to help nurture what must be a wealth of ideas and creativity awaiting to be tapped from the IAIA alumni.

Kevin Lawrence Locke (Leech Lake Ojibwa)

2013 BA Museum Studies
Graduate Student


  • 58 years old
  • Former Collections Manager at Heritage Sites
  • Starting working on Master’s this fall in Tribal Governance
  • Father of 4 Children
  • Traditional Dancer
  • Traditional Singer
  • Fire Keeper Chi Dewigan
  • Pipe Carrier
  • 1975 Cloquet High School
  • 1975 Brainerd Vo-Tech Auto Parts and Service
  • 2010 AA Indigenous Leadership Leech Lake Tribal College 3.51 GPA
  • Drum Keeper
  • Ambassador
  • Ran Language Table
  • IAIA President’s list Twice
  • IAIA Student of the month Twice
  • Featured Anishinaabemowin speaker at graduation
  • 2013 B.A. Museum Studies Institute of American Indian Arts 3.12 GPA
  • Dean’s list
  • President Museum Club
  • Head Man Dance IAIA Powwow 2013
  • Fire Keeper
  • Intertribal Ceremonial Committee

Candidate Statement

I, Kevin Catch the Hawk Locke, announce my intention of running for one of the three vacant seats on the Alumni Council. I plan to represent the voice of a traditional man working for the betterment of IAIA. I have been preparing all my life for this position, and will carry out the duties presented to me. I have worked with Winona LaDuke, Dennis Banks, among others. Now is our time to be heard.

Linley Logan (Seneca)

1985 AFA in 2D and 3D Arts
Director of the Northwest Heritage Program, Longhouse Education and Cultural Center


Linley Logan is a multimedia artist, art consultant, and curator. His experience includes serving his Seneca Nation community on cultural issues of environment, repatriation, education, and health. He has also consulted on cultural and arts program presentation, dance and as an author. He has served as the Director of programs, as a member of multiple art boards, and Native organization board service. Grant review panels include the NEA, National Geographic, Ford Foundation, the First Peoples Fund, Native Arts & Cultures Foundation and the Longhouse. Employment experience includes the NMAI, Smithsonian; the Longhouse Education and Cultural Center, and HOEA ‐ Hawaiian Ohana for Education in the Arts. He has participated in five International Indigenous Visual Art Gatherings by invitation in New Zealand (3x’s), Guatemala and Hawaii. He has developed Native Arts capacity development curriculum and presented the curriculum for workshop presentation. He has taught and presented multiple workshops in printmaking to indigenous artists.

Candidate Statement

I read the first round of IAIA Alumni Council applicant statement for the first election of Council members. I responded to and contributed to one of the elected Alumni Council members outreach for alumni input on the newly elected council. I recommended staggered terms of service, as well as a year-long probationary period before Council members are sanctioned to serve their full three-year term. My recommendation to the alumni council are based on my thirteen years of service to a Native organization Board as the Chairman of the Governance Committee. I proposed the Governance Committee to the Board. I served as the Board Nomination Committee Chairperson, which is why I proposed the Governance committee to consolidate the Nominations committee’s oversight and authority. The wealth and depth of my professional experience and artistic life of art in my art of life, define a perspective of cultural knowledge equipped well to contribute to leadership on the IAIA Alumni Council as a team player. I look forward to representing Alumni interests in creating and supporting opportunities that strengthen the role of the Alumni and the Council, and the opportunity to contribute to the Creativity is our Tradition that embodies IAIA.

Marcus Milligan (Chickasaw)

1994 AFA 2D and 3D Arts
Director of Visual Arts, Media & Design for the Chickasaw Nation’s Department of Culture and Humanities


Marcus (Mark) Milligan is a Chickasaw born and raised in Oklahoma. Marcus has been creating art as long as he can remember, from drawing horses and other animals from pictures and encyclopedias to entering his first art show at the age of 8. He competed in various shows and exhibits before attending the Institute of American Indian Arts in his mid 30’s. After graduating with degrees in 2-dimensional art and 3-dimensional art in 1994, Mark worked for IAIA as a recruiter to teach Native students about the opportunities available at IAIA and the significance that an IAIA degree can assist them in their artistic careers.

After returning to Oklahoma, Mark began working for the Chickasaw Nation in the Division of Arts & Humanities. He is now the Director of Visual Arts, Media & Design, in this position he oversees many of the art exhibits and shows the Chickasaw Nation offers, such as the Southeastern Art Show & Market(SEASAM), the Artesian Arts Festival, Art of the Chickasaw Women exhibit and others.

Candidate Statement

I believe the Institute of American Indian Arts is a special place for our native students to attend. IAIA is a place where the students can interact with their peers from all over Indian country. IAIA allows those students not only the opportunity to share and/or learn their own culture, but learn the diverse cultures from many different tribes and areas. After learning the history of IAIA and seeing the strong influences that Oklahoma tribes have had from the beginning, I want to continue to nurture and expand the Oklahoma tribes’ involvement with IAIA.

I have not seen much of a presence from IAIA in Oklahoma in a long time. With the assistance of the alumni I would like to change that. Working in the position I currently hold, I see a lot of very good young artists in Oklahoma that I think could benefit from IAIA, as well as be an asset to the school. I think the alumni can come together and show all the great talent that has been to IAIA and influence our young students and the general public to see what IAIA has to offer and learn what makes IAIA great.

Charles Rencountre (Lower Brule Sioux)

2015 BFA Studio Arts
Working Artist


Originally he was self-taught, moved by a hunger to express himself. Recently, he has felt the need to respond to states of the human condition as an offering of opportunity: for the viewer to consider or reevaluate circumstances through the pieces he makes.

As an accomplished sculptor in the mediums of clay, wood, stone, cement, and bronze, he is also an artist who explores the newer mediums refined by 20th & 21st century technologies. He sees how all mediums are useful depending upon the context needed—(form follows function).
Growing up during the civil rights era in South Dakota he was influenced by the plight of his own Lakota people; the struggle to gain the rights to self-identify, to tell stories, to live in freedom with equality. Injustice and considering what is more sustainably balanced is a focal point in his work.

Candidate Statement

I am and have been a part of the Institute of American Indian Arts community for the past forty years. While a student I was awarded student of the year in 2012 by American Indian College Fund. I helped found and co-chaired the Institute of American Indian Arts Ceremonial Council. I was awarded the one of first National Museum of the American Indian Student Arts Leadership program in 2014. I was the IAIA class of 2015 Valedictorian.

To be committed to your academic goals expecting nothing more than the satisfaction of completing them and then be awarded along the way is what true commitment can look like. I believe all people have the potential to aspire to the highest academic levels if they are given the opportunities to do so.

If elected to the council, I will commit to learning everything there is to know about how the council is structured and how under its structure it can be used as tool to help advocate for the Alumni as a whole. Like I said in the beginning of my statement I have been a member of this IAIA community for the past forty years, there are thousands of IAIA Alumni.

Rose Simpson (Santa Clara Pueblo)

2007 BFA Studio Arts


Rose B. Simpson was raised in an indigenous arts and permaculture environment at the Santa Clara Pueblo. A third generation IAIA student, she received her BFA from the Institute in 2007. Perpetually curious of larger conceptual and cultural issues, Simpson continued on to receive an Honors MFA in Ceramics from the Rhode Island School of Design. Returning home to the Pueblo, Simpson attended Northern New Mexico College’s Automotive Science program in Auto Body for 3.5 years before applying to IAIA again for the MFA in Creative Writing. Simpson has studied and exhibited internationally, and is in museum collections across the United States. A professional artist working in mixed medias including clay sculpture, painting, drawing, fashion, performance, installation, music, and custom cars, Simpson strives to disentangle stereotypes and create psychological and conceptual tools to build empowering social and personal relationships. She lives and works from her home in Santa Clara Pueblo.

Candidate Statement

I care about IAIA. Through times of challenge and of joy, IAIA affects me. I see the great potential that the institute offers, and I see the artistic, political and cultural hurdles we face. I say “we” because I am a part of the IAIA tribe. I have been deeply involved in the IAIA community for my entire life, and I don’t see that changing, so I believe in co-creating the most optimal future for this almost 55 year “movement” that is IAIA. Through research, communication, and experience in the bigger “art” and “indigenous” worlds, I feel that through this council I can be of assistance to a healthy, empowering and proactive future for IAIA. Thank you!

Jodilynn Trujillo-Ortiz (Spanish/Central American)

2012 BA Museum Studies
Self-employed Consultant


Jodilynn Trujillo-Ortiz resides in Placitas, New Mexico. She graduated from the Institute of American Indian Arts with a Bachelor’s in Museum Studies and a minor in Art History. She also has a graduate degree from Norwich University in Vermont in the Art of Diplomacy in International Commerce. Jodilynn is half Spanish and half Central American and American: Apache, Mayan, Peruvian, and Pueblo (not enrolled). Jodilynn recently ran for New Mexico State Senate, and has had her work published by the Union of International Associations. She owns a consulting business that works to develop communities and advise governments on economic development for communities.

Candidate Statement

As an Alumni Councilor, I would adhere to concerns and development of ideas for the best needs of the Institute based on the students’ growth and IAIA’s mission to succeed via highly talented staff and faculty. To continue with the Native cultures and values, to uphold self-determination and leadership for students when they are enrolled and outside IAIA after graduation.

I believe in sustaining as a culture, but also in education, environment and business. I understand politics and the logistics of paperwork around documentation, requests, and procedures. I believe in my professional and educational background; I would be a big help for this community. I am honored to be writing this statement and moving forward with this candidacy in hopes to be chosen to continue IAIA’s vision.

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