MoCNA Volunteer and Docent Training Program

Aug 29, 2018

Artist Eliza Naranjo Morse (Santa Clara Pueblo) talking with a docent and volunteer

Artist Eliza Naranjo Morse (Santa Clara Pueblo) talking with a docent and volunteer

The IAIA Museum of Contemporary Native Arts (MoCNA) is seeking candidates for volunteer and docent training. The program will feature instruction in Native American art and the workings of a major museum that will enable successful participants to provide valuable services to visitors to the museum. After completing the program, volunteers will have the opportunity to interact with the public and contribute their talents, knowledge, skills and energy. MoCNA volunteers and docents learn, share, and contribute—providing and invaluable service to the IAIA community.

“Volunteers and Docents are core to MoCNA’s success. We are so grateful for their support as they help us in every aspect of the museum. Serving as a volunteer or docent at MoCNA is a great way to learn about Native America and specifically contemporary Native arts from museum professionals who have worked in the field for decades. Staff can assist volunteers and docents in finding their interest while they learn about diversity among local, national, and international Indigenous contemporary cultures and arts. With experience and knowledge over time, we look to volunteers and docents to advocate for not only the museum and contemporary Native arts, but for Indigenous Peoples.”
—Patsy Phillips (Cherokee Nation), MoCNA Director

Contact and More Information

For more information please contact MoCNA Membership and Program Manager Andrea R. Hanley (Navajo) at (505) 428-5907 or

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