Santa Fe Reporter Reviews Eve-Lauryn LaFountain’s Exhibition

Jan 2, 2016

Ningaabii’anong: Indabaabasige (West: She Smudges Things)

Ningaabii’anong: Indabaabasige (West: She Smudges Things)

Eve-Lauryn LaFountain may live in Los Angeles these days, but the Jewish and Turtle Mountain Chippewa multimedia artist grew up right here in Santa Fe. As an experimental filmmaker, photographer and all-around badass, LaFountain has shown her work in film fests, art markets, our own annual Indian Market and exhibitions all over the country, won awards like the Ebner International Trophy and all the while pushed her personal limits as a female multiethnic experimentalist. If that sounds impressive, it’s because it straight up is.

LaFountain’s current show at the Museum of Contemporary Native Arts, titled Waabanishimo (She Dances Till Daylight), finds her showcasing the juxtaposition between what is expected of her as a Native artist versus the reality and space she actually inhabits.

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