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Mentorship Program

Coinciding with the Student Success mission statement, the IAIA Mentorship program is designed to create a professional, working relationship between students and the IAIA community that focuses on supporting the whole student. The intent of the program is to provide students with a mentor who encourages, supports, and helps guide their academic journey as they prepare for their career and/or life goals.

Each student (mentee) participating in the program is paired with a member of the IAIA community (mentor). Mentors and mentees are required to meet at least once a month for a minimum of one hour. The program works to increase the likelihood of degree-program completion for students through a positive, memorable IAIA experience while also providing mentors an opportunity to strengthen leadership qualities, refine listening and communication skills, and demonstrate effective facilitation.

As program participants, students:

  • Develop and enhance a sense of student identity
  • Effectively integrate and participate in the IAIA Community
  • Articulate a sense of purpose
  • Acquire necessary skills for self-advocacy, independence, and life-long learning
  • Identify campus and community resources

Any student or IAIA community member interested in participating can fill out the IAIA Mentorship Program Form.

For questions about the program, contact