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Partner with IAIA and George R.R. Martin—Support Student Scholarships

As the Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA) grows so does the need grow for more student scholarships IAIA awarded $1,231,445 in the Spring and Fall of 2017 in 1,130 scholarships to 567 students. That’s more than 80% of our students receiving critically-needed scholarships and almost all the funds came from the generous support of private donors like you.

Will you consider joining our current donors and help remove financial worries that impact many of our students, so they can better focus on their studies. We know the more financial aid a student receives, the more likely they will succeed at IAIA. Scholarships make it possible for our students to graduate from IAIA virtually debt-free, which helps them establish themselves in their chosen livelihood right after they graduate. Make your tax-deductible year-end donation now, and thank you!

Noted author, producer, and long-time Santa Fe resident, George R.R. Martin, further explains.

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