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Livestream and Campus Weather

Welcome to the Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA), the only four-year degree and graduate degree fine arts institution in the world devoted to contemporary Native American and Alaskan Native arts. IAIA is a place to embrace the past, enrich the present, and create the future. With a rich history, IAIA continues to grow as we now welcome our first class of students for the new MFA in Studio Arts program. 

Picture a campus as a work of art—architecturally significant, contemporary buildings, state-of-the-art studios and facilities, and majestic surroundings. A center for art in a city of art.

Here on our stunning 140-acre campus in Santa Fe, the beauty of learning is enhanced by the beauty of our surroundings. Our faculty and staff are accomplished and renowned artists, writers, and Native leaders who are dedicated to empowering the next generation of artists, writers, and Native leaders. The atmosphere is electric with the creative energy that is produced by talented students interacting with talented teachers. Our safe and comfortable student housing, close-knit community, proximity to one of the world’s most renowned art markets in downtown Santa Fe, and even our gourmet café, make IAIA not just a great place to study, but a great place to live.

Download and view the IAIA Campus Map.


View livestreams of the Dance Circle, Land-Grant Garden, and Hogan on the IAIA campus.


View campus weather in real-time in the following charts and graphs. To view the weather in Santa Fe and the IAIA weather station on the Ambient Weather Network, visit their website