Student Employment

2015 IAIA Student Work-Study Sydney Isaacs (Tlingit)

2015 IAIA Student Work-Study Sydney Isaacs (Tlingit)

Student employment is a rewarding way to earn extra money while developing valuable work skills, making new friends, and working around a class schedule. Research shows that students who work on campus at least ten to fifteen hours per week have higher success and graduation rates than those students who do not work on campus. At IAIA where community is valued, hiring a student promotes a sense of belonging for the student and helps the student develop career skills.

If you are interested in obtaining a work-study position while enrolled at IAIA, view the array of positions below, then follow the easy 5-step application process to complete your application.

5-Step Student Application Process

  1. Print the IAIA Student Employment Application IAIA Student Employment Application or obtain it from Career Advisor in the Student Success Center (SSC).
  2. Take application to Financial Aid Director to verify eligibility.
  3. Contact the hiring department listed in the job description and set up an interview. Student may interview for more than one position.
  4. Upon offer of the position, have the Supervisor sign the application.
  5. Take application to Human Resources in the Lloyd Kiva New Welcome Center to complete I-9 and W-4 documents. Human Resources will accept new hire paperwork Monday through Friday from 8 am–4 pm. Please contact Human Resources at (505) 424-2329 for a complete list of acceptable Proof of Identity and Proof of Work Eligibility documents.

Important Note: Student may begin work only after Step 5 is completed.

Student Employment Timeline (Spring 2017)

Jan. 13Job descriptions due to Career Advisor
Jan. 17Work-study applications, forms, and approved job description available
Jan. 17–20First week of classes
Jan. 23Student must secure a job
Jan. 27Final day for student to secure a job as per Federal and State work-study policy
Student Positions (No Open Positions at this Time)

Student Positions

FilePositions Available
Business and Entrepreneurship Assistant1
Continuing Education Assistant1
Indigenous Language Studies Teaching Assistant 1
Facilities Worker 3
Fitness and Wellness Attendant 4
Indigenous Language Studies Research Assistant Closed
Student Success Center Retention Assistant Closed
Marketing and Communications Website AssistantClosed
Essential Studies Peer MonitorClosed
Studio Arts Jewelry MonitorClosed
Academic Technology Assistant Closed
Academic Technology TutorClosed
Library Aid Closed
Admissions Recruitment Assistant Closed
Museum Collections Worker Closed
Land Grant Research Assistant Closed
Digital Dome Research Assistant Closed
Advancement Office Assistant Closed
Balzer Contemporary Edge Gallery Assistant Closed
Essential Studies Worker Closed
Information Technologies Worker Closed
Art History AssistantClosed
Creative Writing Studio MonitorClosed
Museum Studies AssistantClosed
Student Life Activities AssistantClosed
Fine Arts 3D Studio MonitorClosed
Fine Arts Ceramics Studio MonitorClosed
Fine Arts Fab Lab Monitor 1Closed
Fine Arts Fab Lab Monitor 2Closed
Fine Arts Painting Studio Monitor 1Closed
Fine Arts Painting Studio Monitor 2Closed
Fine Arts Photography Lighting Studio Monitor
Fine Arts Photography Studio MonitorClosed
Fine Arts Printmaking Studio MonitorClosed
Fine Arts Sculpture Shop MonitorClosed
Student Success Center Financial Aid AssistantClosed
Academic Technology Media Checkout and Lab AssistantClosed
Museum WorkerClosed
Title IX Campus Safety AssistantClosed

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