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Event Guide and Community Calendar

If you’re IAIA staff, faculty, or a student who is planning an event, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a helpful guide to ensure the maximum success of your event and promotions.

Step One: Plan your Event

Consider Timing

Make sure you have enough time to plan and promote your event. If the event is public, local event calendars and press require several weeks to several months in advance to promote or potentially publish the event.

Who, What, When, Where?

Put together the details of your event in a document. Include a titledescriptiondepartment or program, or student club name (if relevant), locationdate, timeplace, and contact information such as a nameemail, and phone number for questions. If relevant, consult with your team to confirm the details of the event.

Please note that public IAIA-affiliated events are typically free and open to the public. If your event has a fundraising component, first consult Advancement.

Include information about featured individuals to let your audience know more about them, such as a title, a short description, or a longer bio. Short description example: “Our speaker is Neebin Southall (Chippewas of Rama First Nation), who is the writer in the Institute of American Indian Arts Communications Department.”

Editorial Style Guide

Please consult our Editorial Style Guide if you have questions about subjects such as acronyms, pronouns, formatting tribal affiliations, and more. Quick Tips: Double-check names and tribal affiliations for proper spelling. Be extra careful to use correct names and words in Indigenous languages. Be sure to use correct pronouns for individuals.

Filling out the IAIA Community Event Location Reservation Form is a quick and easy way to ensure your event location will be available.

Is your planned location on campus?

If so, fill out the IAIA Community Event Location Reservation Form to be sure that the space you’d like is available and set up for your event­­.

Do you need Audio Visual support?

If so, fill out the IAIA Community Event Location Reservation Form.

Visit the template page for downloadable tv slide and flyer templates.

For listing an event online and creating posters and flyers, it’s helpful to have high-quality photos and graphics available to promote the event.

TV Slides and Flyers

You can create a tv slide or flyer to promote your event! Download templates from our template page to get started.

IAIA Logos

If your promotions will include IAIA logos or you need to download logos, consult the IAIA Style Guide for best practices and files.

A PDF of your flyer can be sent to Dean of Students Nena Martinez Anaya at for approved use on the campus bulletin boards.

Now you’re ready to promote your event!

Is your event for the IAIA campus community?

To send out an email to the IAIA community and to list your event on the IAIA Community Calendar, fill out the IAIA Community Email and Event Submission form.

Is your event a public event?

Examples include public talks, receptions, or an exhibition opening. Contact the Communications Department at about how to best promote your event. Events will be listed on the Happenings page, and may be included in IAIA’s newsletters. Events also may be submitted to local event calendars such as the Santa Fe Reporter, the Santa Fe New MexicanPasatiempo, and Public events will also be posted to the IAIA Community Calendar.

Will you be posting bulletin board flyers?

Bulletin Board Policy
In order to provide a better framework to advertise events on campus and to keep bulletin boards timely, uncluttered, and relevant to campus, educational, museum and students events, the following criteria provides explicit direction for the approval and distribution of flyers and posters.

Written material (posters, signs, flyers, handouts, brochures, pamphlets, etc.) may be posted on any bulletin board in or outside IAIA buildings as designated for such use by the Dean of Students. The following guidelines apply to what may be posted on the IAIA campus:

  • Only flyers announcing programs/events sponsored by recognized campus organizations and IAIA departments will be authorized.
  • Generally, flyers shall be displayed on bulletin boards for no longer than one month prior to the event. It is the responsibility of the advertiser to remove all flyers within 3 days following the event.
  • Flyers must be approved and date-stamped by the Student Life offices. Flyers without a date stamp will be removed.
  • Organizations may post only one event flyer per location.
  • Sponsorship on the flyer must be explicit. e.g., “Sponsored by (name of group/department).”
    Flyers shall be posted only on delineated bulletin boards. Flyers placed on any other surface (windows, walls, and doors) will be removed. Authorized bulletin board locations are:
    Two (2) kiosks in the academic building by the main entrance to the plaza.
    One (1) at the plaza entrance door to the library.
    One (1) in the recreation room in Student Life
    Seven (7) in the residence center.
    One (1) in the Facilities Building near the main entrance.
    One (1) in the CLE the left of the cafeteria.
    One (1) in the Family Housing laundry room.

To post flyers on the IAIA Campus:
To post flyers on the IAIA bulletin boards, bring no more than 15 copies of the flyer or poster to the Student Life offices. They will approve, date stamp and the initiator will post the flyers. Or email a PDF of the poster to Dean of Students Nena Martinez Anaya at and she will approve it and email it back for you to print. Remember, only print 15 copies.

The Museum Department has 2 bulletin boards which are specifically for Museum information. Do not post on these.
They are located:

  • across from the cafeteria doors
  • In the main hallway of the Science and Technology Building.

The IAIA Community Calendar—Follow and Share Events

The IAIA Community Calendar is a vital way to keep up with and share information about events in the IAIA community, whether Associated Student Government (ASG) meetings, student club events, IAIA powwows, Artist-in-Residence (A-i-R) open studios and dinners, art openings, performances, sports, readings, workshops, community food events, and so much more.

How can I follow the IAIA Community Calendar?

  • Add the IAIA Community Calendar to your Outlook account. Our newly created IAIA Community Calendar Tutorial shows you how to add the calendar (see the video below).
  • Look for IAIA Community Calendar listings on TV screens across campus.

How can I submit an event to the IAIA Community Calendar?

To inform students, staff, and faculty about your upcoming events, visit and fill out our IAIA Community Email and Event Submission Form. Once approved, your event will be added to the IAIA Community Calendar and/or emailed to the IAIA community.