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Indigenous Liberal Studies

Liberal Arts from a Native perspective is the unique focus of IAIA’s Indigenous Liberal Studies Department.

We offer an AA Degree in Native American Studies and a BA degree in Indigenous Liberal Studies, integrating natural sciences, social studies, fine arts, traditional arts, and humanities with indigenous understanding through a variety of exceptional and provocative courses.

Students will have opportunities for direct learning from recognized experts, as well as participate in internships with tribes and tribal organizations. These educational and cultural opportunities for participation bring together the theoretical and the actual to prepare our students for success in the world beyond the classroom, as often experience is the best teacher.

The BA in Indigenous Liberal Studies includes courses such as:

  • Traditional Arts and Ecology
  • Native American Philosophy
  • Issues in Indigenous Education
  • Native American Art History
  • Business Entrepreneurship
  • And much more

Knowledge from a Native perspective and teaching as a sacred art are the foundation, as well as the mission, of Indigenous Liberal Studies at IAIA.

Careers and Educational Pathways
Students graduating from the Indigenous Liberal Studies program will gain knowledge of self and culture, as well as develop skills to assist in the revitalization of American Indian nations.

Because the Indigenous Liberal Studies program is not geared to a specific career path but instead exposes students to a wide range of disciplines, the degree prepares graduates for a variety of professions, especially those involving leadership and administration, business and entrepreneurship, as well as education.