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For Parents

Thank you for considering the Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA) as the next step in your child’s academic journey. The student life staff is ready to welcome your child to their new temporary home. We know you have questions, so we hope we can answer some of them on this page.

Campus Policies

When on-campus students arrive, they will be given a current IAIA Student Handbook. We encourage you to become familiar with this resource which will help you help them navigate their way through their first year in college. In the handbook, you will find the Student Code Of Conduct and the Student’s Rights And Responsibilities, as well as the Academic Calendar which will help you stay aware of academic deadlines, holidays, midterms, and final exam weeks, etc.

IAIA is federally mandated to provide the following information to all students, staff, and faculty:

Housing Applications

  • All of the housing application forms and the deposit or administrative fees must be completed and submitted in order to be assigned a room in the Residence Center or a Family Housing Apartment.
  • All individuals living in on campus housing must provide a recent physical exam and a copy of his/her immunization records. This information is kept confidential, but it is important that we know our student’s health information in case of an emergency. Please note: In many communities, appointments for physical exams for college are made several weeks in advance. Please plan accordingly when your student begins the application process.
  • The Roommate Survey is used to help us make the best match of roommates during each students’ first year in the Residence Center, and it will help if problems arise throughout the year.
  • The Family Housing Background Check Request form is required for all adults living in the apartment to assure the safety and security of the residents and their children.


We provide full-time staff in the halls 24 hours per day, and we work closely with IAIA’s Security team (G4S) to provide safety and security for your student. The security team is available for student “safe walks” across campus, parking, policy enforcement, campus patrols, and campus crime investigation.


Mail is delivered on weekdays and picked up by the residence assistants and placed in student mailboxes which are located in the Residence Center or Family Housing Complex. There is no mail or package delivery service on weekends. If your student loses their mailbox key, they will be issued another key upon replacement of the mailbox key deposit made at the beginning of the semester.

Winter Break

Students may not stay in the Residence Center over winter break. They must vacate the Residence Center by noon on the day following the last day of classes. If your student plans to return to the Residence Center for the spring semester, they may leave their belongings in their room during the break. We ask that they clean their rooms, clean out and unplug their appliances, and consolidate their belongings into their locked storage closets or place them on their bed. If their roommate is not returning, your child will likely have a new roommate who will have arrived the week before they return from break.

Summer Break

Students may not stay in the Residence Center during the summer break. All students must check out of the Residence Center by noon on the day following graduation in May. We also do not provide storage for student belongings during summer break.

Semester Breaks in Family Housing

As long as the student remains eligible for family housing for the following semester (student account balance is paid down and student is pre-registered for classes), the family may remain in their Family Housing apartment during winter and summer breaks.

Health Care

If your student is enrolled in a Federally recognized tribe, they will need establish a new health record at the Santa Fe Indian Health Service. A new health record may not be established until they are seen in the clinic. Please wait to have records transferred until a record is established. However, before your IHS eligible student comes to campus, it’s a good idea to let your IHS benefits coordinator know so that Purchased Referred Care (PRC), formerly known as Contract Health Care, is available while your student is away.