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Broadcast Journalism (Certificate)

Guiding Statement

IAIA’s Certificate in Broadcast Journalism is designed to give students a fundamental understanding of storytelling, journalism, and broadcast video production. With a mix of courses from the Cinematic Arts & Technology Department and the Creative Writing Department, this 24-credit program will support the interests of students seeking opportunities in broadcast news and related fields. Indeed, for many graduates of the Cinematic Arts & Technology program, their first job prospects will be found at their local TV stations. The knowledge gained from these classes will help prepare students for such opportunities.


We believe it is important for Native people to tell their own stories, whether it’s in film, theater, literature, or in this case, journalism. For too long, the stories of Indigenous people have been told by others. But now there are opportunities to empower Native storytellers to share the issues and concerns of their unique communities to create a greater understanding among all cultures.

The goal of the program is to provide students with a foundation of skills to be effective storytellers as journalists and competent producers of broadcast video, and to encourage them to shine a light on the challenges and triumphs of diverse, underrepresented communities.

Learning Outcomes

  • To demonstrate competency in the journalistic crafts of reporting, research, and storytelling
  • To show technical proficiency in broadcast video production
  • To practice ethical behavior in broadcast journalism