We believe information is necessary for creative discovery, lifelong learning, and cultural enrichment. The library and archives advance the understanding and preservation of American Indian and Alaska Native cultures by facilitating access to information resources and providing welcoming spaces for intellectual exploration. We value our community members, we respect individuals, and we benefit from the diversity of cultures they represent.

Guiding Statement

The library supports the curriculum at IAIA by meeting the educational and research needs of students, faculty, and staff. The library collects and provides access to materials that are critical for supporting all areas of the curriculum including: Creative Writing, Essential Studies, Indigenous Liberal Studies, Cinematic Arts, Museum Studies, and Studio Arts.

The archives collects, preserves, interprets, and provides access to the documentary history of IAIA, the contemporary Native art movement, and American Indian education. The archives is the official collecting repository for all permanent and historically relevant records created by IAIA.

Have a Question?

Contact a reference Librarian. This service is provided for current IAIA students, faculty, and staff. Questions from other IAIA constituents will be answered only if time permits.

Address and Contact Information

Institute of American Indian Arts Library
83 Avan Nu Po Road
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87508
(505) 424-5715

IAIA Library

Institute of American Indian Arts Library
83 Avan Nu Po Road, New Mexico 87508
(505) 424-5715


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