Placement Testing

The Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA) uses ACCUPLACER® as its primary placement tool. IAIA also accepts SAT®, ACT®, and COMPASS® scores. If a student does not have scores from an aforementioned standardized exam, students will be asked to take ACCUPLACER. Students may also provide official transcripts showing math and English courses completed within the last five years at another institution of higher learning. These courses can sometimes be used to determine placement.

IAIA Students

About Placement Testing

  • ACCUPLACER is a computer-adaptive test that asks between 12 and 20 questions to determine appropriate placement in each subject area. Test results are available immediately.
  • Placement testing is free to IAIA applicants who take it onsite.
  • The test is self-paced and untimed. Allow yourself two hours to complete the entire test (writing and math) or 30-45 minutes for individual portions of the evaluation.
  • The test may be retaken. You must wait 24 hours to retake the ACCUPLACER.
  • Your test scores will help IAIA determine your placement in General Education courses which will also determine how long it may take you to complete your educational goals.

See the additional free preparation material on the College Board’s website. (See the ACCUPLACER Study App on the College Board’s website—registration required to view study app.)

Students Who Cannot Test at IAIA

  • To ensure the integrity of students’ test scores and the security of ACCUPLACER tests, students are not permitted to take the ACCUPLACER exam without the presence and supervision of an approved proctor.
  • Before arranging to take the placement exam, complete IAIA’s application for admission.
  • If there is not a placement testing site near you, options are available to take the test upon arrival at IAIA.
  • Contact the Retention Director at (505) 424-5707 or email to verify whether or not you are eligible for remote placement testing.

Contact the testing center of a college or university in your area to request that they proctor the ACCUPLACER exam for you. High schools may also proctor ACCUPLACER. It is not necessary for that institution to be an ACCUPLACER user.  To be approved as a proctor, a testing center representative must have an e-mail address and access to the Internet.

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