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Native American Art History (Certificate)

Art History at IAIA takes an interdisciplinary approach, examining Indigenous artistic practice as a form of discourse and a locus for cultural exchange. Survey courses provide a broad historical overview of the history of Native American, First Nations, and Central and South American art forms. The survey courses in Native art critically examine the disciplinary lenses applied to Indigenous art, including archaeological, anthropological, ethnographic, and art historical methods, analyzed with close attention to the ethical and conceptual concerns of Indigenous scholars, artists, and activists. European Survey Courses provide a useful comparative background in Western material culture and history. 300-level courses examine intersections between technologies, social movements, institutional policies and art movements, as well as guide students in ethical research methods for working with Indigenous art and artists.

Learning Outcomes

  • Consider how cultural values, practices, beliefs, and physical environments shape the production of art
  • Identify major art movements/artworks and their historical/social/political/philosophical contexts
  • Compare, contrast, and critique texts written about art
  • Apply appropriate art historical research methods
  • Practice effective writing and oral communication skills
  • Analyze connections between art movements and your own artistic practice