Fall 2019 Orientation in the Gym

Orientation provides a solid learning community for social networking, orientation to college life, and support for a successful transition. The Student Success Center and Orientation Staff work hand in hand to provide a well-rounded structure of support for student success. IAIA prides itself on helping its students transition into college life by offering workshops that give students the opportunity to adjust to IAIA, meet other students, and get comfortable with the IAIA Community.

Education is a journey, and it begins with a first step. Along this educational journey will be excitement, risk-taking, challenges, and opportunities. At IAIA, staff and faculty see the success of our students as our primary purpose. Once students apply to IAIA, they begin their journey with us. Upon acceptance, students begin to receive our materials about campus housing, financial aid, scholarship opportunities, and academic program information. Orientation is mandatory for all New Freshmen.

“IAIA orientation helped me to open up and get out of my shell. I feel more comfortable talking with professors and learning more about my academic path and how to engage with others and ask for help when needed. One the best parts of orientation for me was that it was interactive—and fun too!”

Desiree White Horse (Navajo)

IAIA Student

Student OrientationDatesMandatoryNotes
New FreshmenAug 12–16, 2019Housing check-in Aug 11, 2019
TransferAug 15, 2019Recommended but optionalHousing check-in Aug 11, 2019
OnlineSelf-scheduledRecommended but optionalNot applicable
New FreshmenJan 13–17, 2020Housing check-in Jan 12, 2020
TransferJan 16, 2020Recommended but optionalHousing check-in Jan 12, 2020
OnlineSelf-scheduledRecommended but optionalNot applicable
2020 Spring IAIA New Freshmen Orientation Schedule

2020 Spring IAIA New Freshmen Orientation Schedule

New Freshmen

IAIA offers fun, supportive, and exciting orientation programs for new students. New freshmen (fewer than 24 transferrable credits) are required to attend New Freshmen Orientation. Download and view the 2020 Spring IAIA New Freshmen Orientation Schedule.

Important Note: All New Freshmen and Transfer students that are planning on attending IAIA New Freshmen Orientation and Transfer Orientation, please fill out the Orientation Registration. Download and view the IAIA New Freshmen Orientation Checklist.

New Freshmen (Fall 2020)

All New Freshmen and Transfer students that are planning on attending IAIA New Freshmen Orientation and Transfer Orientation, please fill out the Orientation Registration.

2020 Spring IAIA Transfer Orientation Schedule

2020 Spring IAIA Transfer Orientation Schedule

Transfer and Readmit

Transfer Students (24 or more transferrable credits) are encouraged to attend a one-day orientation on the Thursday before classes. Download and view the 2019 Fall IAIA Transfer Orientation Schedule.

IAIA Online Student Orientation

IAIA Online Student Orientation


Online students are highly encouraged to review the IAIA Online Certificate Student Handbook.

What to Expect

  • Review the welcome video and the Online Student Handbook.
  • Learn how to access IAIA’s technology systems, such as Canvas, Empower, and IAIA Email. (For more information, please contact Russel Stolins, Instructional Design & ePortfolio Manager at rstollins@iaia.edu or (505) 424-5797.)
  • Learn about campus resources and support services available from a distance.
  • Learn how to meet with advisor and register for courses. (For more information, please contact Paul Moore, Registrar at pmoore@iaia.edu or (505) 428-5954.)
  • Learn how to meet with advisor, register, and receive books. (For additional ordering options, please contact Rachel Machovec, IAIA Store Manager, at rachel.machovec@iaia.edu or (505) 428-5911)


  1. Is there an online student orientation? Yes, Online Student Orientation includes the following: 1.) Review the Student Orientation course in Canvas. 2.) Review the Online Student Handbook. 3.) Review the Welcome Video below.
  2. Is online student orientation mandatory? No, but it’s highly recommended.
  3. When is online student orientation? It’s self-scheduled, so you can start and finish it at any time.
  4. What if I have questions regarding online student orientation? Contact the IAIA Orientation Team at orientation@iaia.edu at (505) 424-5707.

Views of IAIA Orientation and Students

Jeminie Shell

Jeminie Shell

Retention Director
Student Success Center
P (505) 424-5707
E jshell@iaia.edu

Loyola Rankin

Loyola Rankin


Student Success Advisor
Student Success Center
Interim Continuing Education Manager
P (505) 424-2328
E loyola.rankin@iaia.edu

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