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Cinematic Arts and Technology

With the revolution and evolution of digital technology, the tools and techniques of digital film production have become more accessible than ever, and are proving to have applications across a broadening spectrum of platforms, careers and industries, from entertainment to graphic design, business and science, education and history.

In the Fall of 2013, the accrediting Higher Learning Commission approved a curriculum redesign and name change of the program from New Media Arts to Cinematic Arts and Technology. IAIA’s new Cinematic Arts and Technology program now solely focuses on film and offers a comprehensive program of study for students who wish to pursue careers in film, television and media-related industries. As the entertainment industry continues to expand, offering more opportunities in more places like New Mexico, the demand will continue to grow for skilled, disciplined workers in this field.

The program provides a foundation of traditional film courses including:

  • Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Film Production
  • Screenwriting
  • World Cinema History
  • Directing
  • Acting
  • Business of Film
  • Sound
  • Documentary Film Production

As these essential skills are mastered, the students are exposed to technology, which make IAIA’s film program different than many others. Each of these classes teach valuable technical and computer skills that can be:

  • Animation
  • Visual Effects and Compositing
  • Digital Dome Production
  • Advanced Sound Design

IAIA offers students the chance to learn from industry software, including:

  • Adobe CC in Motionbuilder
  • Newtek Tricaster for Broadcast Production
  • Digidesign Pro Tools
  • Movie Magic Budgeting and Scheduling

IAIA’s Cinematic Arts & Technology Department is open to all aspiring filmmakers, both Indian and non-Indian, and, with IAIA’s affordable tuition rates, is probably the best deal anywhere for a film school.

Carrers and Educational Pathways
Cinematic Arts and Technology (CINE) students graduate with a diverse skill set to succeed professionally in the multimedia industry or to pursue further studies in graduate level programs.

The CINE program prepares students to be strong candidates in a number of industries, including commercial graphic design, film making and multimedia fine art.