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Style Guide


The Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA) Brand is rooted in the organization’s dynamic tradition of contemporary arts and its unique focus on Native cultures. These strengths are communicated through a consistent system of visual elements. IAIA’s modern, understated logo (and logo variations) is designed to blend well with clean, contemporary designs.

Preferred layouts should use bold colors and ample “breathing” space to keep strong artwork and images in the forefront, letting the vibrant culture of IAIA speak for itself.

As a complement to other visual elements of IAIA material, clean and consistent use of written language acts to accentuate the contemporary style of IAIA and allow for culture and art to be at the forefront with no distractions.

As part of the IAIA community, you play a crucial role in protecting the integrity of the IAIA Brand. These guidelines have been established to ensure that the Brand is always presented in a clear and consistent manner. This style guide also includes an editorial portion which has been established to ensure correctness and consistency in written material for IAIA. While creativity is always encouraged, your attention to these guidelines when developing IAIA materials—of any kind or type—will help maintain IAIA’s strong public image.

Editorial Style

To ensure consistency and reinforce the overall IAIA appearance and public image, it is important that all written material for IAIA follows the same rules and structure of grammar and mechanics. Consistency in grammar usage creates a clean, organized, and professional appearance and ensures that all material is clearly conveyed to avoid any confusion or miscommunication. As grammar and mechanic rules may vary depending on style, this editorial style guide provides a reference for editorial consistency in all written material for IAIA.

If you need help interpreting this guide, please consult Communications at

Official Logos and Style Guide

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Social Media

IAIA uses social media programs such as FacebookInstagramLinkedInTwitter, and other platforms to expand its goals. Communications will authorize in writing if you can use these platforms to expand the programs and departments you work in.

To learn more about social media guidelines or to inquire about establishing an IAIA–branded social media page, please contact Communications at

Style Guide

Download the Official IAIA Style Guide and view the embedded PDF below.


Download and view the Official IAIA Logos on Dropbox.


Download and view the Official Email Signature in Word and see tutorial videos below.