I Will Carry You


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I Will Carry You reflects on the deepest love a mother has for her child. Beautifully written and produced with stunning illustrations, the message of the continuing bond between mom and child becomes extraordinarily powerful. I Will Carry You will take the reader on a sweet, profound journey and will resonate with adults and children alike. Recognizing the beauty and importance of representing contemporary Indigenous art, Colleen Farwell Publishing has committed to a collaborative partnership initiative with Indigenous artists Loren Aragon, Summer Peters, Katy Isennock and Johnson Taylor, and Tchin. These renowned artists’ works have been interpreted into the I Will Carry You world by Illustrator Eleanor Grosch.

Colleen Farwell was born and raised in the Crow Nation. She spent her childhood on her parents’ cattle ranch in the Wolf Mountains of Montana until her father’s death when she was eleven years old. Her family moved to the small town of Hysham, Montana, where Farwell lived until she attended Dartmouth College as a member of the class of ’92. Farwell currently resides in the Mohawk Nation (upstate New York) with her six kind, courageous, amazing children.

Eleanor Grosch is known for her simplified, playful illustrations and bold, colorful design work. She started her business in 2003 making posters for bands. Her signature graphic punch got attention and soon her illustrations were licensed for fashion lines, baby products, and home decor.

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