Creative Writing

Painting pictures with words. Creating a world in your imagination and watching it come to life on a page. Learning novel ways to express your ideas so they communicate your intentions. Learning the art of expression through literary pursuits in poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, journalism, and dramatic writing is what the Creative Writing curriculum at IAIA is dedicated to.

All members of our Creative Writing faculty are writers themselves. They bring an understanding of both the methods and the challenges involved in transitioning a written work of art from the mind to the page. They understand the structures and craft that must be employed and mastered. As such, this program is designed to offer students a strong foundation in the craft of writing, as well as a solid understanding and comfort with Native and World literature.

With literature of the past as both prolog and preparation, students are encouraged to find their own voice, style and subjects. To experiment with form and formula. To express themselves in their own unique ways.

Students gain exposure and become comfortable presenting their works by giving readings and publishing in nationally-distributed undergraduate anthologies. The Creative Writing Program offers many exciting opportunities for scholarship, recognition and fellowships to national writer’s conferences.

Careers and Educational Pathways

Creative Writing program graduates are prepared to pursue their writing interests by continuing on to graduate school or by finding employment in numerous fields, including teaching, journalism, public relations, publishing, editing and grant writing.

Alumni from the program have received numerous awards and continue to publish influential books of fiction, poetry, and memoir, and they have their plays produced nationally.

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