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Community Calendar

The IAIA Community Calendar is a vital way to keep up with and share information about events in the IAIA community, whether Associated Student Government (ASG) meetings, student club events, IAIA powwows, Artist-in-Residence (A-i-R) open studios and dinners, art openings, performances, sports, readings, workshops, community food events, and so much more. (Note: Due to a limitation in Microsoft Outlook programming, the IAIA Community Calendar is only available on desktop computers.)

Are you interested in posting your event to the calendar? Submit a request to the IAIA Community Email and Event Submission form.

How can I follow the IAIA Community Calendar?

  • Add the IAIA Community Calendar to your Outlook account. Our newly created IAIA Community Calendar Tutorial shows you how to add the calendar (see the video below).
  • Look for IAIA Community Calendar listings on TV screens across campus.

How can I submit an event to the IAIA Community Calendar?

To inform students, staff, and faculty about your upcoming events, visit and fill out our IAIA Community Email and Event Submission Form. Once approved, your event will be added to the IAIA Community Calendar and/or emailed to the IAIA community.