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Felipe Colón Selected as IAIA Provost

Jan 12, 2023

Felipe J. Estudillo Colón (Laguna Pueblo)

Felipe J. Estudillo Colón (Laguna Pueblo) has been selected for the newly created IAIA Provost position. Colón served as the IAIA Academic Dean from 2020–2023 and transitioned into the IAIA Provost position on January 9. During an open forum in December, the IAIA Community had an opportunity to meet with Colón as a candidate and learn more about his vision statement for the Academic and Student Services divisions. IAIA President Dr. Robert Martin (Cherokee Nation) chaired the committee that oversaw the hiring for the position and considered input from the more than 60 IAIA Community members that attended the open forum. In this new position, Provost Colón is responsible for the Academic and Student Services divisions, all three Master of Fine Arts programs, and the IAIA Research Center for Contemporary Native Arts.

Provost Colón said, “as inaugural and founding Provost for the Institute of American Indian Arts, I am excited to step into this role during a transformative period of investment in student success. I look forward to working with the IAIA Community and its stakeholders to grow community, collaboration, and communication and to optimize work for the achievement not only of our mission but also to benefit our students and their goals.”

“Felipe Colón is an ideal choice for this important leadership position at the Institute. The trustees have enjoyed working with him as Academic Dean and look forward to continuing the relationship with him in his new role.”
Loren Kieve (Cherokee)

IAIA Board of Trustees Chair

“During Provost Colón’s tenure at IAIA, he has proved to be a creative and innovative leader who promotes student success while advancing contemporary Indigenous arts and scholarship.”
Dr. Robert Martin (Cherokee)

IAIA President

Provost Colón earned an MA in Anthropology with a focus on Indigenous Ethnography, Linguistics, and Cultural Studies and additional doctoral credits in Anthropology, Archaeology, and Indigenous Studies from the University of New Mexico. He is pursuing a Graduate Certificate in Indigenous Nation Building and Leadership at Northern Arizona University, AZ.

Provost Colón has 20 years of experience working with Indigenous-focused institutions, organizations, and museums, including developing strategies and best practice standards for Indigenous-centered administration and institutional management. He has ten years of service at IAIA as a faculty member, Museum Studies Department Chair, Faculty Council Chair, and two years as the Academic Dean and Chief Academic Officer. During his tenure at IAIA, he has overseen the creation and accreditation of two Master of Fine Arts programs and the IAIA Research Center for Contemporary Native Arts. He also has collaborated with the IAIA Dean of Students to align academic and student support services.

To schedule an interview or for more information, please contact Jason S. Ordaz, IAIA Director of Communications, at Watch Felipe Colón’s presentation during the open forum on the IAIA campus in December.