On this page you will find information pertaining to our official style guides, logos, and general contacts for press and media.

Through the concept of art as a traditional path of creativity, IAIA excels at skill building, provoking thought and providing exceptional educational opportunities. IAIA is a place to embrace the past, enrich the present, and create the future—to move ahead to paths yet unexplored and undiscovered. Learn more by visiting our About page.

Official Logos and Style Guides

File UploadedFile NameFile Size
2016-11-18 IAIA Mini-Editorial Style Guide637 KB
2016-11-18 IAIA Family Brand Guidelines5 MB
2016-11-18 IAIA Logo (icon and name, black, transparent)215 KB
2016-11-18 IAIA Logo (icon and name, white, transparent)215 KB

If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, please feel free to contact the Marketing and Communications Department at the phone numbers and email addresses below.

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