IAIA Museum of Contemporary Native Arts Celebrates Women’s History Month

Mar 23, 2016

IAIA Museum of Contemporary Native Arts (MoCNA) Poster

IAIA Museum of Contemporary Native Arts (MoCNA) Poster

The IAIA Museum of Contemporary Native Arts (MoCNA) recognizes “Women’s History Month” and honors contemporary Native women every month of the year. For March, we give special recognition to Indigenous female artists, filmmakers, poets, writers, curators, art professionals, academics and students who have exhibited or presented at MoCNA in 2015 to the present. These amazing women continue to break barriers and bring Native feminist discourse to the forefront. They are outstanding in their fields, hold important roles in their communities and their narratives are echoed in their practice. We applaud and will continue to support contemporary Native women in the arts.

Julie Buffalohead; Rose Simpson; Nani Chacon; Dana Claxton; Andrea Carlson; Eliza Naranjo Morse; Pitseolak Ashoona; Napachie Pootoogook; Annie Pootoogook; Shan Goshorn; Shelly McIntire; Tracy Curley; Elaine Rice; Maria Martinez; Christine McHorse; Alice Loiselle; Michelle Stokes; Evelyn Teton; Shawn Blue Jacket; Dorothy Grandbois; Jean LaMarr; Geronima Montoya; Teresa Quintana; Heidi Big Knife; Charlene Teters; Hulleah Tsinhnajinnie; Marie K. Watt; Melanie Yazzie; Shelley Niro; Crystal Worl; Tiffiney Yazzie; Eve-Lauryn LaFountain; Meryl McMaster; Naomi Bebo; Shuvinai Ashoona; Polly Nordstrand; Spiderwoman Theater: Muriel Miguel; Gloria Miguel; Anna Tsouhlarakis; Della Warrior; Marcia Crosby; Lara Evans; Candice Hopkins; Merritt Johnson; Cheryl L’Hirondelle; Rebecca Belmore; Lori Blondeau; Laura Ortman; Marie Argagon; Caroline Raven-Fox; Kamella Bired-Romero; Candice Hopkins; Andrea R. Hanley; Tatiana Lomahaftewa-Singer; Vivian Carroll; Katherine Dieter; Jennifer Love; Evelina Zuni Lucero; LaDonna Harris; Laura Harris; Joy Harjo; Margaret Verble; Helen Haig-Brown; Tracy Rector; Gina M. Reyes; Tahnee Udero; Felicia Nez; Razelle Benally; Sydney Isaacs; Elizabeth Day; Desiree Morsea-Foley; Lisa Jackson; Suzan Shown Harjo; Amanda Strong; Nanobah Becker; Elizabeth LaPensée; Juliana Brannum; and Tara Beier.

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