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IAIA Paves the Way for Accessibility

Jun 7, 2023

ADA-accessible concrete pathway leading to the IAIA Hogan

A new ADA-accessible concrete pathway leading from the Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA) Lloyd Kiva New Welcome Center to the Hogan, poured in grey and reddish concrete, resonates with the colors of the landscape. The project, which began in late April and will finish on June 9, improves accessibility, increases campus safety, and offers another space on campus for teaching and socializing. Costing just under $305,000, the pathway was built by Franken Construction and paid for by COVID-19 relief funds. The pathway features a central plaza with low walls for seating. “And that can be used as an outdoor learning space,” explains Larry Mirabal, IAIA Vice President of Operations. “So that’s part of its design. And that’s part of what made COVID-19 dollars available, because we can teach out in the central gathering area. The other key component to it is it will be lit with solar bollard lights to allow wheelchair and foot traffic access out to the Hogan on a lighted pathway.” Previously, the IAIA community would be limited to traversing dirt pathways or a road with potentially dangerous access to the Hogan. “And again, the big piece is if we’ve got events or even classes happening out there, folks, especially people that need accessibility, aren’t compelled to absolutely drive out there,” emphasizes Mirabal. Benches will also be placed along the walkway, adding more locations on the IAIA campus for the community to relax, socialize with friends and colleagues, or take a lunch.

View the new pathway in real time on the IAIA Hogan and Sangre de Cristos Livestream camera.