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IAIA Staff and Faculty Express Gratitude in March

Apr 11, 2023

As part of the annual Spring Gratitude Challenge, Human Resources Director Todd Spilman encouraged IAIA faculty and staff to submit answers recognizing two things for which they were grateful each weekday for the month of March.

“Those promoting the benefits of these Gratitude Challenges usually encourage organizations to do them for at least a month,” explains Todd Spilman. “The idea being for the first week or ten days, it’s fairly easy to come up with entries—family, friends, house, car, pets, etc. But after a few weeks, you need to look around and give a little more thought to find what you feel grateful for—this helps you move your mindset towards one that finds and feels gratitude more easily.”

IAIA faculty and staff expressed immense gratitude over the month, submitting over 1100 responses to the prompts. Respondents were also entered into a drawing for prizes, which included coffee makers, wireless sports earbuds, air fryers, mini-prep food processors, a personal smoothie maker, and $25 gift cards. Download and view a few of the responses from the 2023 Spring IAIA Gratitude Challenge.

Congratulations to all the winners!