Early Alert Program

The Early Alert Program is designed to be a proactive system of communication and collaboration between faculty and adjuncts, staff, and academic advisors to help improve student academic success. The program’s goal is to provide academic, behavioral, and social support for students at risk of failing or withdrawing from any course.

Students are supported in the following ways

  • Identified when they indicate difficulty with specific course material or issues with attendance
  • Offered support and direction to appropriate campus resources
  • Encouraged to communicate with instructors and advisors
  • If appropriate, and based on the report details, they may be referred directly to a Counselor on campus

Faculty and staff may report concerns by using the Early Alert form.

Jeminie Shell

Jeminie Shell

Retention Director
Student Success Center
P (505) 424-5707
E jshell@iaia.edu

Nena Martinez Anaya

Nena Martinez Anaya

Chief Admission and Student Success Officer
Admissions and Recruitment
P (505) 424-2331
E nanaya@iaia.edu

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